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Title: MBBS Admission in Russia: Connect with Current Students for Guidance

If you’re a student aspiring to pursue an MBBS degree in Russia, it’s beneficial to connect with current students studying there. By establishing direct contact with students already enrolled in Russian universities, you can gain valuable insights, receive guidance, and acquire first-hand information about the admission process, student life, and academic experiences. This article explores the advantages of contacting current MBBS students in Russia and provides a step-by-step guide to connecting with them.

1. Benefits of Connecting with Current Students:
a. Authentic Information: Current students can offer accurate and up-to-date information about the admission process, including entry requirements, application deadlines, and necessary documentation.
b. Guidance on University Selection: Students studying in Russia can provide valuable guidance on selecting the right university based on factors such as curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and reputation.
c. Insights into Student Life: By connecting with existing students, you can learn about the social and cultural aspects of living in Russia, accommodation options, extracurricular activities, and the overall campus environment.
d. Academic Support: Current students can share their experiences regarding the curriculum, teaching methods, practical training, and the academic challenges involved in pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia.

2. Connecting with UN Children:
a. Open Live Chat: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) provides a platform for live chat where you can directly connect with students from specific regions or countries.
b. Locality-based Connections: Suppose you are from India, specifically Uttar Pradesh. In that case, you can open the live chat and directly contact students from Uttar Pradesh who are currently studying MBBS in Russian universities.
c. Exchange Information: Through the live chat, you can inquire about their experiences, seek advice, and gain insights about the admission process, university selection, and other relevant aspects.

3. Step-by-Step Guide:
a. Research: Gather information about Russian universities offering MBBS programs and note down the specific universities or regions you are interested in.
b. Access the UNICEF Live Chat: Visit the UNICEF website and navigate to the live chat section.
c. Choose Your Locality: Select your country, state, or region, such as India and Uttar Pradesh, to find students from your area who are studying in Russia.
d. Initiate Contact: Start a conversation with the students by introducing yourself, expressing your interest in pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia, and asking for their guidance.
e. Exchange Information: Seek advice on university selection, admission requirements, scholarships, and any other queries you may have.
f. Maintain Communication: Maintain regular contact with the students to stay updated and seek further assistance throughout the admission process.

Connecting with current students studying MBBS in Russia offers numerous advantages for aspiring students. By accessing the UNICEF live chat and connecting with students from your locality, you can receive authentic information, guidance on university selection, insights into student life, and academic support. Leveraging these connections will enhance your understanding of studying MBBS in Russia and increase your chances of a successful admission process. Remember to maintain communication with these students to benefit from their experiences and expertise.


If any Indian student wants to connect to his/ her overseas counterpart through video conferencing or otherwise , we will help you to the extent that you can connect with your state specific ally. For example , if you are from Uttar Pradesh and want to connect to another student also from the same state studying in a specific university overseas, we will build the bridge to connect. We will help you end to end .


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